Managed Services

We ensure a SAFER path
(Speed, Accuracy, Flexibility, Extendibility & Reliability)

NdcTech can help you manage the performance and scalability of your Financial Services promptly and consistently so that you can deliver the services your clients depend upon.

Technology infrastructure of Banks is the backbone of their service delivery and overall consumer experience. NdcTech helps banks to maintain a high-performance technology platform and infrastructure that is secure, reliable, and optimized for ultimate speed and efficiency.

Platform as a service

We enable you to focus on your core competencies and goals, and leave the rest on us to manage.

NdcTech’s Platform as a service (PaaS) is a complete modern development and deployment environment on the cloud, with resources that enable you to deliver sophisticated cloud based services with excellence.

Platform as a service allows you to avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing modern technology & application stack, container orchestration, infrastructure and licensing, middleware, development tools and other resources.

Software as a service

At NdcTech our experts aim to orchestrate and deliver all aspects of Banking Services based on your needs, enabling you to concentrate on customers engagement & activities that generate growth for your organizations.

Whether you’re looking for core banking, digital banking, regulatory compliance, payment services or a combination, you can rely on us.

With NdcTech as your new partner for Software as a Service in the Banking, you’re in control and in safe hands.


A thorough end to end approach

Seamless Customer Digital Experience

Data localization models

Enhanced Customer Journeys

Consultative implementation

Modern DevOps Approach

Technical integration assistance

A thorough Banking Analytics

Enterprise Service Desk

NdcTech’s Enterprise Service Desk is the most convenient way to deliver best solutions to customers. The queries are resolved by our business & technical consultants & banking expert who are committed in providing assistance 24/7.

By using state of the art tools for service management, communications, standardized work procedures, NdcTech ensures users have qualified advice and assistance available when solving problems which can arise while using the banking platforms.

Bespoke developments

Bespoke software development services are just what you need to defeat the challenges that commercial off-the-shelf solutions bring

Experience the benefit of Bespoke services we offer

Identify and meet your unique business needs

Identify and meet your unique business needs

Increase efficiency with tailor-made features, created specifically for you

Increase efficiency with tailor-made features, created specifically for you

Enhance security

Enhance security

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems and platforms

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems and platforms

Automated and seamless migration from legacy applications

Automated and seamless migration from legacy applications

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