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Ammara Masood

Ammara Masood


There is hardly a business in the world that couldn’t benefit from the huge potential offered by new technologies. At NdcTech, we have understood the power of these platform technologies since a long time and have been increasing our own capabilities. Our aim is to accelerate our clients path to value by bringing together intelligent platforms & human ingenuity and create technological solutions that truly push the boundaries of what is possible.

NdcTech empowers leading banks and financial institutions globally by accelerating their digital transformations. Our experts all over the world serve clients with end to end comprehensive services preparing them to offer innovative and seamless customer experience

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We cater to the unique needs of all Banks and Financial Institutions

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Our approach is to make banks FUTURE PROOF

and deliver best-of-breed technology solutions backed by world class services and training capabilities which feature industry’s best practices, domain knowledge and local requirements in the Banking and Financial sector

Our expertise and services cater to the unique needs of all banks and financial institutions

Digital Banks

NdcTech is building Digital Banks of the future, helping Banks to deliver on their digital strategies by launching new digital brands, digitizing processes, modernizing digital experiences, and launching new innovative digital capabilities such as mobile payments and digital wallets

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Retail Banking

Retail banking is a way for individual consumers to manage their money, have access to credit, and deposit their money in a secure manner. NdcTech provides retail banks with agility and freedom to innovate front-to-back using the latest cloud and API technology, as well as relevant expertise

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Branchless Banks

Branchless Banking represents a significant alternative to conventional branch-based banking. It allows banks to offer financial services outside traditional bank premises by using delivery channels such as smartphones mobile application, Debit Card, QR Payments etc. Branchless Banking can be used to substantially increase the financial services outreach to the under-banked and un-banked communities. NdcTech allows such banks to rapidly launch new businesses in new geographies and sectors

NdcTech to be recognized as a major leader in the globe banking


The EMIs are entities that offer innovative, user-friendly and cost effective low value digital payment instruments like wallets, prepaid cards, and contactless payment instruments. e-money has played a crucial role in digitizing different types of payments in various countries. EMIs offer interoperable and secure digital payment products and services to end users. NdcTech is one of the leading service providers that enable EMIs to provide financial services in a seamless manner

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Islamic Banks

We enable Banks to deliver outstanding Shari’ah compliant experience to their customers using a combination of digital and human interaction, leveraging advanced product building capabilities and modern technology to create offerings that are compliant and personalized while reducing operational costs and risks

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Central Banks

Central Bank is the beating heart of a nation’s finances that manages the currency and monetary policy of a state and oversees its commercial banking system. We provide Central Banks with the ability to support and foster business success in their economy, so that they are able to support the corporate and commercial sectors of their economy, manage international payments, & engage in market operations

NdcTech to be recognized as a major leader in the globe banking

Microfinance Banks

We enable Microfinance Banks to rapidly deploy specialist and relevant products both digitally and through physical distribution channels, allowing them to extend Financial Inclusion rapidly using packaged and integrated model bank that is developed specifically to increase customers’ access to relevant financial services

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Investment Banks

An investment bank is a financial services company that engages in advisory-based financial transactions on behalf of individuals, corporations, and governments. An investment bank may also assist companies involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and provide ancillary services such as market making, trading of derivatives and equity securities, and FICC services (fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities). NdcTech enables investment banks to offer market leading and innovative products and services to their customers, innovate without limits, and compete with new entrants

Non-Banking Financial Institutions

Nonbank financial institutions (NBFIs) NBFIs facilitate consumers by providing them with in alternative financial services, such as investment (both collective and individual), risk pooling, financial consulting, brokering, money transmission, and check cashing. NBFIs are a source of consumer credit (along with licensed banks). NdcTech allows NMFIs to rapidly launch new businesses and enhances their operational efficiency

NdcTech to be recognized as a major leader in the globe banking

We are now a
Systems Limited

NdcTech has joined strengths with Systems Limited, a leading IT company, to transform the global banking tech sector. This strategic alliance will create significant opportunities for both entities to work collaboratively with a stronger portfolio of offerings across the banking and finance vertical, develop a unique organizational culture and deliver exceptional results to all stakeholders

Our teams of hundreds of certified individuals serve clients and deliver transformational services across the globe. We enhance the digital capabilities of banks by driving innovations to create new products and business models

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We aim to be the global market leader in transforming banks for the future.

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We aim to transform banks by partnering with them in innovations and modernizing their architectures and platforms for the future

We have a history of transforming

Banks & Financial Institutions

for more than 22 years


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Customer Centricity

Customers are at the heart of our purpose, no matter what we do, we always put our clients first



Fast pace, speedy execution and timely delivery, that’s how we do it



we focus on doing what’s right, minimizing the room for errors

continous improvment

Continuous improvement

we aim to perform better than yesterday, everyday.

Team work


we encourage our team to support each other so we can all thrive together.

We are proud to be titled as the

Best Sales partner at the Temenos MEA Annual Sales and Partner Summit 2022

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We empower digital transformations

and make them happen. Our enthusiastic team focuses on getting great work done, creating a learning environment and making an impact

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